March of the Metallians

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Profesionalni pružitelj užitaka :D
Profesionalni pružitelj užitaka :D

PostajNaslov: Amduscia   ned svi 31, 2009 7:05 am kaže:

Amduscia is a Mexican Aggrotech band.

The name Amduscia is derived from a duke of Hell who occurs in medieval demonology, who was said to perform concerts without the audience ever seeing the instruments being played.

Amduscia formed in the spring of 1999. Polo, Edgar and Raul decided to express in their music the pain, the cruelty, the madness, the rage produced by living in a difficult place, “the real Hell, named Mexico City…”

tagged ass: dark electro, ebm, industrial, harsh ebm, aggrotech

2003 Melodies for the Devil 1
2008 Madness in Abyss
2005 Dead or Alive 1
2005 Impulso Biomecànico 1
2006 From Abuse to Apostasy
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