March of the Metallians

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Opasni ševodeličar :D
Opasni ševodeličar :D

PostajNaslov: Otep...   sub kol 01, 2009 8:18 am

Otep is a female-fronted, four-piece metal band, and the name of the lead member of the band, Otep Shamaya (as Otep has written, they are art metal, because of Otep’s lyrics) from Los Angeles, California and were formed in 2000. Witnessing a brief live performance impressed Sharon Osbourne enough for Otep to land a spot on Ozzfest before signing onto a label. Otep’s lyrics often involve discussions of pain and abuse, and there is a very personal feeling to many of Otep’s tracks; due to the use of original poetry as the origin of many of the lyrics.
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